Thursday, December 24, 2015

Time Conversion From Fractions

As One of Our Author Interested to Post this Time Conversion Function So that it would be Helpful. On Behalf of him (U. Mahesh Sir) , I would like to post...

So Let's Get into Situation if you need a small tool like Converting Time Fraction from NAV standards Like 1.98 hours to 1 hour and 58 mins...

You might want to represent as 1:58 So to achieve that..

i would like to implement a CodeUnit  .Let's Declare a CodeUnit Time Calculator ..

Lets Create a Function Say ConvToHour and property of function Local to NO like Below...

Now Declare a parameter for Function as we would use fraction decimal in below

select Function and Click Locals and define a Parameter of datatype Decimal...
Name               Datatype
TimeInDec    Decimal....

Next we want to return a text like 1:58  in my example to calling place. So  Set return Type to TEXT..

You can also return return as Time Datatype....

So now we should declare a Local String Variable which we wanted to send back...after Modifications Of Course..

NOW getting into business declare Globals (you may also use locals but i used globals formally)..

Name                DataType
hrs                          Integer
min                          Integer
secs                           Integer
frac_req_Min           Decimal
frac_req_secs         Decimal
Time1                 Time

Now write the Logic  for converting...

Not Using any Alien Tech functions Just Using a ROUND Function ,I hope you may came across..
For Begginers Sample: ROUND(11.9) = 11


In Above I'm Calling the Function which Would return text so directly Displaying that in Message Function...

hrs := ROUND(TimeinDec,1,'<');

//IN Above statement we would get hours...

//Getting 0.98 and Converting 0.98 fraction into minutes i.e 0.98 * 60 = 58.80
frac_req_Min := TimeinDec - hrs;
min := ROUND(60 * frac_req_Min,1,'<');

//Getting 0.80 and Converting 0.80 fraction into minutes i.e 0.80 * 60 = 48 sec

frac_req_secs := (60 * frac_req_Min) - min;
secs := ROUND(60 * frac_req_secs,1,'<');

//Converting Integer to String as we cant directly send 1:58 isn't it

Str := FORMAT(hrs);

//converting Minutes to string 

IF min > 9 THEN
Str := Str + ':' + FORMAT(min)
  Str := Str + ':0' + FORMAT(min);

//converting Secs to String

IF secs > 9 THEN
Str := Str + ':' + FORMAT(secs)
  Str := Str + ':0' + FORMAT(secs);

//Just To Test
//You Could convert it to Time if needed 

//This is to return from where you calling....Hope you understand...

Screen shot of Code...


Let me Know if you have any Queries....
Thank You..