Monday, February 13, 2017

Report Multiple Copies in Nav (Only Multiple Copies Easy in NAV 2016)

I Want to Share a small and very Easy way to make multiple copies like Sales order Report.
Firstly we have to be sure about Field we want to group by Like Sales order No in case for Sales Order which will be available in Sales Header Table.

Just Follow from Here.
I would Take Simply 3 Dataitems 
1.Integer datatitem For CopyLoop
2.Sales Header
3.Sales Line.

Indent the Above Three as Shown in Below Picture.

Now lets Design Request Page, we are talking about multiple Copies so we would ask user to enter No Of Required.
So Take 2 Global Variables Like Picture Shown below

Now Get to Request Page And Add two Fields First is Order No Then Second is No Of Copies.
Like Below

Now Select the OrderNo field Which you have now designed in Request Page And Press "Shift+F4"/Properties of that field And Make Table Relation To "Sales Header".No (This Is in My Case i.e Sales Order ).

We Have To Link The Sale Line dataItem With Sales Header as Many guys know Like Below

Code We Have To Write in Triggers See Below Pic

Now We Have to Dive into Layout Where Every thing is Done.

First add all the sales line Values you wanted in Layout Tablix Then
in Row Groups Select Details And Right Click on details  Select Add Group---)Parent Group
In Tablix Grouping properties With Select Group By SalesHeader No Like Below

Now Group With Number, Right Click on No salesHeader Row Group Then Select Group Properties
then In General Tab Select Add then in And On Select Number_Integer Of Integer dataitem Number.
This What Is makes the Multiple Copies in RDLC.

Dont Forget to Select The Page Break Option in Page Breaks Tab.

So The Layout Should Some What Like below it may vary as per your Design 

Save and Run .